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Chemical Exterior Decontamination preparation wash

Front & Rear Plates removed for a maximum detailed finish

Snow Foam Pre-Wash Vehicle 

High-Pressure Water Rinse 

Inner Guard's Degreased detail brushed & Pressure Washed 

PH Neutral Wheel clean (Face's & barrels) 

Tyres cleaned 

Door Jams Degreased, Detail brushed, cleaned & washed out 

Mouldings cleaned, detail brushed & thoroughly washed out  

Front Grill detail brushed, cleaned & washed out

Two-Bucket Method wash shampoo

Application of Tar Remover

Application of Clay Mit wash to remove embedded contamination in paintwork

Exterior paint correction preparation 

Drying process using microfiber towels & compressed air

IPA Wipe down to remove any existing oils or chemicals on service of paintwork

Mask of all windows, badges, window moulding or anything that is likely to get damaged during polishing stages, 

The exterior paint correction process 

Includes a dedicated heavy cutting process to remove deeper scratches & possible wet sand if needed

1st Stage Rotary Cutting compound process to break down bigger scratches

2nd Stage DA Random orbital cutting process to remove Rotary buffing marks

3rd Stage dedicated machine polishing compound process to refine & bring gloss to the panel also remove light hase cutting process leaves.

85% to 95% scratch & swirl removal. This detail is perfect if you want your vehicle looking Ace! ! 

Dressing to Exterior & Final Touches 

- Tyre Wax dressing Application  

- Exterior Plastics dressed 

- Under guard areas dressed

- Exhaust Polished

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