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Ace Detailing Specialists



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Pre sale Detail package

Chemical Exterior Decontamination preparation wash

- Front & Rear Plates removed for a maximum detailed finish
- Snow Foam Pre-Wash Vehicle
- High-Pressure Water Rinse
- Inner Guard's Degreased detail brushed & Pressure Washed
- PH Neutral Wheel clean (Face's & barrels)
- Tyres cleaned
- Door Jams Degreased, Detail brushed, cleaned & washed out
- Mouldings cleaned, detail brushed & thoroughly washed out
- Front Grill detail brushed, cleaned & washed out
- Two-Bucket Method wash shampoo
- Application of Tar Remover
- Application of Clay Mit wash to remove embedded contamination in paint work

Exterior polish enhancement preparation

- Drying process using microfiber towels & compressed air
- IPA Wipe down to remove any existing oils or chemicals on service of paintowork
- Mask of all windows, badges, window moulding or anything that is likely to get damaged during polishing stages,

Exterior Polish Enhancement

- 1 Stage Machine All In One [Cut, Polish & Paint Sealant]

Dressing to Exterior & Final Touches

- Tyre Wax dressing Application
- Exterior Plastics dressed
- Under guard areas dressed
- Exhaust Polished

Interior Detailed Clean

- Full Interior Vacuum
- Dashboard Dusted, Detail Brushed & Cleaned
- Dashboard vents, detail brushed, cleaned & blown out
- Door Cards, Detail Brushed & Cleaned
- Centre Console, Detail brushed & Cleaned
- Interior floor mats shampoo
- Windows polished clean inside & out
- Rubber floor mats degreased & pressure washed (If the vehicle is equipped)
- Interior rear storage spare wheel removed & thoroughly cleaned/ detailed

Engine bay detailed

- Snow foam
- Detail brush
- Rinse
- Dry
- Dress

Upholstery shampooing & de-staining

- Carpet
- Seats

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